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Order Management

With Electric Data Interchange (EDI) helping many companies to streamline processes and eliminate the need for manual data entry, we have worked to provide various platforms to help expedite your ordering process and manage the flow of data.

Traditional EDI can be costly and require special software and specially trained individuals. We have opted for a morte "open" platform to allow our customers flexibility and scale-ability when working with us to exchange data. Our technology department will work with you to establish a platform that is cost-effective and meets your specific needs.

We can accept XML, XLS, TXT (and other flat file formats) and can host an FTP site to transfer the data over or use your existing FTP. If you already have a specific process for electronically transmitting data we will work to incorporate your process.


Real-time reporting for acknowledgements, advanced-ship notification, inventory levels and tracking etc. can be generated for your program.